We want answers now. Most of the time we just need a quick refresher. Other times we want to learn more details of a subject. MisterChips.Net is here to provide that instruction at a great price. Plus our customers drive our content so your input is most welcome.
  • We currently offer lessons for Excel and Access. (We do have one lesson for Word and will add more soon).
  • All lessons are short (about 5 minutes).
  • Need more help? Just email us and we will create a lesson, send it to you and post it on our web site.
  • Want a course on a new subject? Let us know and we will do it. If you want a course we are sure that you are not alone.
  • We have created a K-8 Math Course. This course is designed for both students and teachers. Parents are welcome to also view the course to help you when you help your child with their homework. We are adding content to this Math course everyday.
  • We use an on-line collabortive tool to interact with you. As this is one on one you will need to email us your request. We are still in the test marketing stage of this service and we are not charging subscribers.
  • MisterChips.Net is $15.00 per month. There are no restrictions on the number of courses or lessons that you may take.
  • Please email us with your contact information if you have a question or request.

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