Does your company have specific training needs? Do you need to train staff, customers or vendors? MisterChips.Net has a solution for you.
  • Staff sometimes just need a quick answer to complete the task. MisterChips.Net provides that answer.
  • We accept (and want) questions. We will answer the staff member directly and post the lesson on our web site.
  • We use the tool that is most instructive. (Flash with sound, short movie, etc.)
  • On-Line Lessons, FAQ's, eBooks and just some of the services we offer to help you with your customers.
  • All content is discussed in detail and approved by you in advance.
  • Changes or additions are done within 24 hours.
  • Your vendors call for questions. Use our service to create on-line support that reduces those calls and gives the same answer each and every day.
  • Using multiple formats, your vendors can get the answers to support their clients and your product line.
  • Pricing is determined up front and negotiated with you.
  • To discuss how we can help your visit, please email us with your contact information and a couple of lines of your needs.

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